Extreme Affordability Conference

"Disrupting Barriers to Strengthen Global Health"

Extreme Affordability is a regional conference hosted by the University of Utah to develop a clear and undisputed rally point for those redesigning the systems and processes by which we deliver value in health care.

The University of Utah is pleased to announce the Extreme Affordability Conference: Disrupting Barriers to Strengthen Global Health. The University of Utah has a history of Global Health work addressing the systems and processes by which we deliver health care, and focusing on how to make changes that will increase access, quality, and equitability. We envision a world where the highest standards of health are accessible and affordable for everyone. We welcome medical practitioners, policymakers, professionals, investors, technologists, students and businesses to join us to infuse the problem-solving environment with innovative spirit and renewed energy.

2017 Extreme Affordability Conference Posters