Translational Medicine Symposium

The Translational Medicine Symposium is a collaboration of the Entrepreneurial Faculty Scholars (EFS) program at the University of Utah.

Translational Medicine Symposium is part of the U of U Innovation Ecosystem.

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The 2017 Translational Medicine Symposium was held on Feb. 27th. The symposium addressed how clinicians’ ideas and research results can have an impact on patient care — if they are translated into clinical practice. The symposium was a collaboration of the Entrepreneurial Faculty Scholars (EFS) program, led by Dr. Glenn D. Prestwich, the HHMI Med to Grad program (U2M2G), co-directed by Drs. Anthea Letsou and Dean Li, and the Center for Medical Innovation. Intended as a great opportunity for faculty, students, and postgraduate entrepreneurs to get acquainted with the complex and non-linear process of translating medical devices, diagnostics, therapeutics, digital health applications, and research tools so they can be used to impact patient care. Clinician innovators and entrepreneurs shared their experiences and a panel of experts discussed opportunities, barriers, and steps in creating impactful healthcare innovations.

2017 Event Video

2017 Session Videos


Event Agenda

11:30 – Arrive and Collect Lunch Boxes
12:00 – Welcome (Kai Kuck)
12:10 – Introduction and Opening Remarks (Glenn Prestwich, Rachel Hess)
12:30 – Session I: Medical Devices (Moderator: John Langell, MD, PhD, MPH, MBA)

StreamDx Urine Flowmeter (Jim Hotaling, MD)
Entrepreneurism in Medical Device Development: An Evolutionary Path (Derek Sakata, MD)
Panel Discussion
Chris Coppin, Associate Dean for Technology Development and Chief Business Development Officer Commercialization (Washington State University)
Shawn Fojtik, CEO Co-Founder (Serial Entrepreneur, Control Medical Technology)
Paul Taylor, Patent Attorney (Workman Nydegger)
Phil Triolo, CEO, Regulatory Strategist (Phil Triolo and Associates LC)

1:20 Session II: Therapeutics (Moderator: Sunil Sharma, MD, MBA)

Antibiofilm Technology (Ryan Looper, PhD)
Translational Genomics for Developing Cancer Therapies (Joshua Schiffman, MD)
Panel Discussion
Leena Bhoite, Technology Management (TVC, University of Utah)
Scott Marty, Patent Attorney (Ballard Spahr LLP)
Jared Rutters, Professor (Biochemistry, University of Utah)
Jaci Skidmore, Business Development & Regulatory Compliance (CTO, University of Utah)
Gaylen Zentner, Founder & Principal Partner (Comprehensive CMC Outsourcing)

2:10 BREAK (20min)
2:30 Session III: Diagnostics (Moderator: Edgar Braendle, MD, PhD)

Antibody-based Diagnostics (Shawn Owen, PhD)
View presentation: 3_Diagnostics_1_Owen_TMS2017.pdf
Real-time, web-based genomic big data analysis (Alistair Ward, PhD)
View presentation: 3_Diagnostics_2_Ward_TMS2017.pdf
Panel Discussion
Chuck Hensel, Senior Research Manager (Lineagen Inc.)
Noriko Kusukawa, VP New Technology Assessment and Licensing (ARUP Labs)
Liz Jenkins, Manager Reimbursement Services (Sera Prognostics)
Michael Langer, Patent Attorney (Michael Best and Friedrich LLP)

3:20 Session IV: Apps & IT (Moderator: Chris Wasden)

Virtual Reality for Pediatric Anesthesia (Ben Chortkoff, MD)
View presentation: 4_Trans Med Symp VR anesth induct.pdf
The Memory Care Navigator (Troy Andersen, PhD, MSW, MS, LCSW)
View presentation: 4_PAMS presentation.pdf
Panel Discussion
Brent Elieson, Associate Director IT Business Office (University of Utah)
Julio Facelli, Vice Chair Biomedical Informatics (University of Utah)
John Hurdle, Professor, Biomedical Informatics, (University of Utah)
Kevin Wethington, Vice-Chair IT (Department of Anesthesiology and U. of Utah Medical Group)

4:10 BREAK (20min)
4:30 Session V: Research Tools (Moderator: Florian Solzbacher, PhD)

In Vivo Modeling of Mouse and Human Breast Cancers (Alana Welm, PhD)
View presentation: 5_ResearchTools_1_Welm_TMS2017.pdf
3Helix Collagen Targeting Technology, (Michael Yu, PhD)
Panel Discussion
Mark Lehmkuhle, CEO (Epitel Inc.)
Eric Paulsen, Legal Counsel (TVC, University of Utah)
Chad Testa, Director of Chemistry (Curza)
James Thompson, Technology Management (TVC, University of Utah)

5:20 Open Discussion
5:40 Closing Remarks: Keith Marmer, Executive Director and Associate VP (TVC, University of Utah)